James Hansen: Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them

One thought on “James Hansen: Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them”

  1. I wrote the following in an email to Ove and another contributor to this blog, Jez Roff, about this post and I thought it might be informative to let other’s see some of the rationale for a post like this on Climate Shifts:


    I like the way that Ove has placed the story about Hansen’s letter as a long quote without commentary on the Climate Shifts website. The Guardian story was well written, topical and consistent with Climate Shifts’ objectives of providing “topical commentary regarding climate change, natural ecosystems, politics and the environment.” The commentary does not have to be ours – quoting the comments of people like Hansen is fine too.

    Having said that, I should also point out that I rarely cite Hansen in my own publications elsewhere. In that sense I am “wary” of citing Hansen …

    While I greatly respect Hansen’s work, I am wary of citing him when I write about climate change simply because I am not a climate scientist and I regard it as “cherry picking” to cite his work without reviewing the climate science literature in detail. I try to stick with the leading synthesis reports of the IPCC, CSIRO, and, in the case of coral reefs, GBRMPA.

    Climate Shifts, however, is about topical commentary and I think it is good to inform more people about articles like the one in the Guardian.

    Thanks for drawing the Guardian article to my attention Ove and for blogging on it.


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