Blogging from the Galapagos Islands

John Bruno mentioned this in passing at the bottom of his last post (Climate Literacy), but I thought this deserved a post of it’s own. Check out JB’s blog over at his lab website, bought to you live from the Galapagos Islands – shark surveys, coral monitoring, marine iguanas, seals on the rocky intertidal shores… (and who says the life of a marine biologist isn’t at least slightly glamorous?)

“I’ll be working with a team of scientists on San Cristobal island in the Galapagos for a week.  I am blogging about the trip, mainly to share the things I see and do with family and friends back home.  Especially my nature-crazy daughters, my nephew Joey and my friend Zaim (who is already charting a path to being a marine biologist)!

You can ask questions, make comments, complain about the lousy photos and poor grammar, etc. just by clicking “Add a Comment”

Hope you enjoy it – JB”

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