Climate denial crock of the week video: the earth is cooling

A great video by Peter Sinclair debunking the meme about to consume the planet: the earth is cooling…


2 thoughts on “Climate denial crock of the week video: the earth is cooling

  1. Yes, good video (and quoting Dr Michaels a good touch) but unduly optimistic. I have absolutely no doubt that when El Nino and/or increased solar activity brings us a year with higher mean temp than 1998 it will be dismissed by the heartland faithful as being hot because of those factors . People incapable at seeing the obvious trend with ups and downs have absolutely no difficulty accepting the downs as the real trend while dismissing the ups as the result of factors extrinsic to CO2. Another down later, even if, say, higher than 1998, will in turn be again seized on, with absolutely no self-knowledge of hypocrisy, as evidence of cooling. No logic or data is going to sway the true believers in unregulated unrestricted ever-growing global capitalism. All they have to do is dismiss each new piece of evidence with no reference to the previous evidence and they can keep on creating enough static to prevent governments depending on big business and union interests ever needing to do anything.

    Am I despondent that we are still at this stage in 2009? You betcha.

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