The coral reef crisis: The critical importance of

3 thoughts on “The coral reef crisis: The critical importance of”

  1. Charlie, at pages 1429-1430 of the article your team allows for a lag time of 10 years between carbon dioxide levels and coral bleaching.

    Obviously you were trying to make some realistic assumptions about a complex reality and to make a conservative conclusion on the true levels of CO2 that led to the impacts. However, I was surprised not to find a reference to the warming effect of other greenhouse gases and the uncertainty over the cooling effect of aerosols confounding the analysis you were undertaking.

    Did you simply ignore other greenhouse gases and aerosols during the analysis or did you assume that they cancel each other? The latter is a fairly big assumption.

    Given the widespread use in international climate change policy of climate stabilization targets based on carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) levels, for any future articles it would be useful to include a brief explanation of the difference between CO2 and CO2-eq targets. I doubt that many policy-makers will understand the important differences between the CO2 levels you referred to in the article and the CO2-eq targets being used in international negotiations.

    The confusion between CO2 and CO2-eq targets is something that has been addressed here before:


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