Paul Gilding: Time to prepare for the “One Degree War”


Paul Gilding (activist, CEO, environmentalist and journalist) recently sent me this article:

Amidst the noise of the day-to-day debates, we have lost sight of the simple logic of the advice coming from the world’s top climate scientists. Despite the uncertainties in the details, the science carries one underlying message from which we can draw only one rational conclusion.

It is time to declare a global emergency and mobilise all available resources, political will and human ingenuity towards one task – to reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change to an acceptable level.

Gilding and his co-author, Jorgen Randers have released what they call the ‘The One Degree War Plan’:

What would a rational response to the climate science look like? If you stripped away all the politics and debate and took a fresh look, what would be the logical action plan?

It is a plan that shows what humanity can achieve – and we believe will achieve – when it develops a rational response to the climate threat.

Building a robust plan and the support to implement it is of course an enormous task. So we think now is a good time to start.

The paper is a fascinating and surprisingly easy read – thoughtful, insightful and very well presented. Click here to download in the ‘One Degree Warplan’ in full (.pdf format, 21 pages), or follow this link to Paul Gilding’s website (Cockatoo Chronicles) to read the brief and background to the paper.

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