Corals likely to starve in a high CO2 world

This is a little late in posting, but here is a video from a few weeks ago on Australia’s Channel 7 national news interviewing Alicia Crawley, a PhD student from my lab on the impacts of CO2 and ocean acidification on photosynthesis in corals. In a nutshell, Alicia’s research indicates that under higher CO2 scenarios, the symbiotic algae in corals are unable to protect themselves from the high light levels found on coral reefs, leading to starvation of the coral itself (click here to read the full journal article in Global Change Biology, “The effect of ocean acidification on symbiont photorespiration and productivity in Acropora formosa”). Click here for a transcript of a radio interview on ABC national news interviewing Alicia and a host of Australian marine scientists on the very real impacts of ocean acidification.

Great effort Alicia!

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