Creating the worlds biggest No-take marine reserve

2 thoughts on “Creating the worlds biggest No-take marine reserve”

  1. Albert – the plan does not include the Chagossians at all. Indeed, the government has made clear that any future marine protected area (MPA) must not detract from the Chagos islands’ current status as a place where there is “no right of abode.” So, no Chagossian settlement. And no chance of a permanent research/conservation facility, either.

    I am very worried that the government is using the marine protection issue as a way to bury the Chagossians’ ongoing campaign to be able to return home. I’m also seriously concerned that members of the scientific community are going along with this – some knowingly, others unwittingly.

    The issues of resettlement and environmental protection are NOT mutually exclusive, so I really wish that more environmentalists would do the decent thing and qualify their support for marine protection in Chagos with a statement in support of the Chagossians’ basic right to live in their homeland.


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