Probabilistic assessment of sea level during the last interglacial stage

4 thoughts on “Probabilistic assessment of sea level during the last interglacial stage”

  1. Date 12/26/09

    Combating Global Sea Rise

    Not sure if anyone has considered this before, but there are a number of areas below sea level that isn’t too far from the ocean where a simple canal could be established to allow water to flow from the ocean to fill some deep areas on dry land and help offset global sea rise. Areas such as the Qattara Depression could be filled by ocean water. A simple cannel that would hardly support a boat could enlarge itself through erosion to allow for a larger flow of water to fill this natural depression.

    Africa is in the process of breaking apart with low-lying areas that will be filled by the sea at some point in the future, and those who depend on water today are struggling because of these geographical changes and the lack of water. By establishing a canal to fill these low-lying areas with sea water, this will result in more rainfall in the region and help to establish better farmland.

    Another example of a low-lying area is Israel, where the Dead Sea is shrinking. A canal from the sea with a dam could regulate the height of the Dead Sea to a desirable level.

    Also, water from Lake Erie could be redirected to the southwest to refill aquifers.

    Mathew Sullivan
    Boynton Beach, Florida


  2. Thanks Matt. Interesting idea and link. Anyone wanna calculate the volume of water that could be stored in these locations? I a guessing not enough to put a dent in SLR.


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