A message from James Hansen

3 thoughts on “A message from James Hansen”

  1. I am not a skeptic, in fact I’ve done more than my share to reduce our footprint http://damnthematrix.wordpress.com/

    HOWEVER, I think a lot of Climate Scientists specialise to such an extent, that some of the big picture escapes them, and to be frank, I think that’s fair enough!

    So, I’d like whoever reads this to consider the work done by Dr Chris Martenson here: http://www.chrismartenson.com/blog/copenhagen-agreement-economic-growth-you-cant-have-both/33022 and get back to me…. hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised!


    1. Really interesting post/links Mike. Thanks. I generally agree that our addition to economic growth is linked with the carbon-oil-climate change issue. (which is why I think the growth of consumption is a larger issue than that of population) But also to countless other issues as well. Habitat loss, overfishing, etc. There are two dimensions: americans want to increase there standard of living AND everyone else wants to live like americans. Can’t happen. As others have calculated, it would take 8 planet earths for all 7 billion of us to live a lifestyle of the typical affluent north american. I think about this issue when I hear large “developing” countries like India and China arguing they need time to catch up/develop before they impose emissions regulations. But in realty they can’t catch up; there isn’t enough land, fish, fresh water, farmable land, etc. It is an ugly, unjust and unfair fact. Out of fairness (among other things) north americans (and europeans to a lesser extent) need to decrease many aspects of our consumption. What do you think?
      PS-Ill try to do a full post on this article soon.


  2. I know a Spanish engineer whose lifework is designing/installing renewable energy in Spain…. which has one of the largest fraction of renewable generation in the world. Spain’s windfarms recently produced an astonishing 51% of all generated power when a freak weather event had every last wind turbine all going at once, flat chat!

    Pedro calculated that for the world to produce just 30% of the global electricity demand within ten years would require a doubling of steel production, thirty (30) fold increase in glass fibre production, all of the concrete made globally, and half the coal and nearly half the copper….

    I don’t know what else would be produced while this might be happening, but it wouldn’t be producing millions of plug in hybrid cars! BTW, emissions would go up dramatically too….


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