Coal versus coral: Greed versus ethics?

4 thoughts on “Coal versus coral: Greed versus ethics?”

  1. I am spokesperson for the Residents Action Association of Bowen who have been speaking out for about 3 years now about what is happening with the industrialisation of the nationally significant Caley wetlands with the State Development Area at Abbot Point. This is situated on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Marine Park. Industrial complexes such as an allumina refinery and smelter,nickel refinery and smelter, chlor-alkali plant, vinyl chloride factory, coke and coal fired power plants and other noxious plants are planned along one side of the Caley wetlands, whilst the other side will be encroached on by huge coal stockpiles.
    We are so heartened by your insightful and timely article.

    It is perversely criminal that the Qld Govt is now planning and fast tracking proper environmental and social assessments for what will be the largest coal mines in the world with the Palmer and Hancock mines in the Galilee Basin.

    These mines will destroy acquifers of the Great Artesian Basin, prime grazing country, nature reserves, communities and biodiversity values all the way from the mines to the port on the Great Barrier Reef waters with their 490kms of rail corridors and pipelines each.
    Graziers from around Collinsville have reported just last week in the Townsville Bulletin, about the poisoned acquifers and streams on their properties resulting from the expanding of mining activity in the Bowen Basin region. There are reports of black sludge in creeks and the cattle won’t drink the water and also fish kills where the water smells sulpherous.

    It is absolutely absurd that Anna Bligh is all to ready to blame and prosecute farmers for pollution of the Reef when she is so openly supportive of Clive Palmer and Gina Hancocks’ Big Coal and the like.
    Communities, the environment and our countries’ long term future is not even being considered here as it is all about Govt royalties, jobs and profits for the coal companies.

    Please keep speaking out with your science and the truth about what is going on here.


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