Christopher Monckton: yet another lie exposed

As part of his $100,000 tour around our great brown land, Christopher Monckton has claimed a great knowledge about the Great Barrier Reef. In an interview with Jon Faine of ABC Radio 774, Monckton claimed that he had a chart which showed that the temperature on the Great Barrier Reef have not changed for 30 years. He even claimed that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority itself had made the measurements itself (a fact disputed by senior GBRMPA scientist David Wachenfeld).

Going with Australia’s leading experts at the Bureau of the Meteorology, nothing could be further from the truth.  Sea temperatures in the Coral Sea are marching ever upward (see our posting here).  Not even our self-proclaimed marine expert Andrew Bolt can refute this one (unless, of course, there is a massive conspiracy as he claims that involves every Australian scientist that knows anything about sea temperature! Yeh, right Andrew!).

ABC Media Watch also caught up with this fabrication as well. For some amusing and revealing moments see the video above for Monckton’s fabrications or read the transcript here.

7 thoughts on “Christopher Monckton: yet another lie exposed

  1. The thing with Monckton is, he penetrates this conservative market (commercial am talkback, conservative blogs & stage shows) where he cannot be called out on each one of his misrepresentations case by case. Even if someone calls into a radio station, or asks him a question on a stage show, its only ONE question, lending weight to the prospect of all the other statements he says during his rapid fire expos’e being correct.

    The blogs that support him ( Bolt,WUWT, Climate audit etc) come from Moncktons side of politics so they wont listen to anything other than Monckton is a god & right about everyhing.

    He said in his debate in Brisbane points to his slides on the screen & says to the crowd “Who do you believe, me or the IPCC?”. The dutiful conservative crowd all put up their hands for Monckton, only to have Monckton say “well your wrong”.

    The MAJORITY of the crowd without thinking or critically analyzing his statements used their confirmation bias to vote for whatever Monckton said. They didnt care if it was right or wrong. They just cared that Monckton was from their side of politics & ideology & thats all that matters. Its less about the science now & more about the politics.

  2. You are characterizing Lord Monckton innacurately. You say that he “penetrates the Conservative market…where he cannot be called out on each one of his mis-representations.” It looks like you have not followed Lord Monckton’s debates. I have seen him debate several of the global warming advocates on several occasions, and Utube shows him discussing global warming with a Greenpeace member. In these debates, the GW adviocates had no good answer to his well-researched debate points. He would state a fact and support it with clear and convincing information. He is extremely confident in his position and knowledge. He even challenged Al Gore to a debate, with no response. The people who downplay and mock his well-backed up and researched assertions seem to have a religious faith in the reality of man-made GW. When the GW enthusiasts have found they have met a masterful debater with clear and true facts, and realize it is not going well for them, they fall back on “It’s an established fact” and “There is consensus” among scientists that GW is a fact. No matter how many clear explanations Lord Monckton gives , the same day someone is blogging a bunch of lies and ridicule about him, and the news is full of articles declaring the virtues of our current preparations for GW.

    But the main issue is: It it man-made global warming? NO. And this will be a great tragedy if GW laws are passed. The World Government that occurs after that will impoverish, kill and bankrupt billions of people.

  3. Then why does Monckton lie to support his case? If his position is so infallible, why would he need to distort the facts such as how sea temperature is changing across the Great Barrier Reef?

  4. Something of interest about the recent Monckton/Lambert debate is on Laberts own blog..

    It looks like he was primed by the overlords with statements like:

    f you want to be effective, focus on things that might sway the audience. Do the Gish Gallop on him, but do it somewhat honestly: Make his claims re: HIV and his cure for the common cold front and center.

    Tim, you need a high profile friend who will scream and shout at the top of his voice that you won, irrespective of the events in the room.

    The live audience: You aren’t going to change any minds. hardly anyone will go who hasn’t made up their mind and most of those who do will be incorrigible morons and also unhinged. They are there to fawn at Monckton. You want to make Monckton the bad guy so that …

    You better look quick as I bet these get removed

  5. Ten bucks says they don’t get removed.

    “Make his claims re: HIV and his cure for the common cold front and center.”

    ^^^^^ Monckton is an idiot who believes who claims to have produced a drug to treat HIV, multiple sclerosis and the common cold. Bullsh*t. He’s a fraud and a scammer, case closed. None of the comments on Deltoid change this fact.

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