Spinning the science: Media Watch reports on the The Australian’s misunderstanding of coral science

5 thoughts on “Spinning the science: Media Watch reports on the The Australian’s misunderstanding of coral science”

  1. Hurrah for Media Watch. The only depressing thing is that so few Australians watch it – and some that do (eg my grandfather) watch it only to then rant and rage about the ‘left wing loonies’ that control the ABC. . At least some of the other major print lines (eg Age and SMH) picked up on some of the bogus scientific claims that have been making the rounds. I wonder if they are also now going to claims that AIMS engineered the eating of the camera by the tiger shark a la the NASA failure?!


    1. Thanks Deb – ideologues come in all shapes and forms. Some we love dearly!

      (yes, I’m waiting for our friends at The Australian to go the next step and beat the World Weekly News’ “Bat boy” article, which is apparently has the all-time record for sensational inaccuracy!)


    1. Thanks John. And I agree, given the full-throttled attack on science by special interest and their denialist followers, scientists of all persuasions must be ready to defend their findings in an easy-to-understand, honest and compelling way.


  2. HiOveG,

    Thanks for the piece above, and yes the Bolter is on a rant on both his blog, but more importantly in the actual Herald Sun paper today. Wild claims that skeptics don’t get air time and really getting stuck into Tim Flannery.

    In essence he is responding now to a piece done by Jonathon Holmes yesterday following up on the media watch piece.. It is quite good, and is here:


    keep up the good work!


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