Jamie Walker’s response to Media Watch

4 thoughts on “Jamie Walker’s response to Media Watch”

  1. Sorry, my bad. I wasn’t sure how far right they were on non-climate matters. I am not exactly a regular reader. And I read on Wikipedia that:

    Mitchell has said that the editorial and op-ed pages of the newspaper are centre-right,[2] “comfortable with a mainstream Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd, just as it was quite comfortable with John Howard.”[1] According to other commentators, however, the newspaper “is generally conservative in tone and heavily oriented toward business; it has a range of columnists of varying political persuasions but mostly to the right.”[3] Along with other newspapers in Australia, during the 1990s “much and perhaps most of [the] commentary became aggressively right-wing”, with most of the regular commentators in The Australian pushing “a conservative, pro-Coalition government line in almost everything they write,” reacting against what they regard as a “left-liberal elite”.[4]


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