Science behind Great Barrier Reef water quality management

4 thoughts on “Science behind Great Barrier Reef water quality management”

  1. Great post Jon, thanks for this. Especially for the references. And perfect timing given my query in my last post about Ridd’s claim that he “was told that the coral was going to die from sediment, and we have proved that is complete rubbish”


  2. Yes, something of a pattern emerges. Somebody with a science qualification, and research experience, unrelated to the issue – ecology of the reef, greenhouse gas effects – becomes a media darling by taking a contrarian position to that of all the scientists who do have qualifications and experience in that field. That contrarian position just happening to suit the interests of agribusiness, coal and other mining companies, energy companies; and to be met with a chorus of approval by neoconservative think tanks, shock jocks, and conservative politicians.


  3. Excellent post Jon. Reading an article based on the evidence behind this issue is far more fulfilling than the usual fact-free nonsense from Peter Ridd and Bob Carter! Thank you very much for your contribution.


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