Interview with Naomi Oreskes and John Cook (Sceptical Science)


We hosted Naomi Oreskes recently and admire the work of John Cook of Sceptical Science.  This link takes you to a cracking episode of The Climate Show at Hot Topic this week, featuring a must-listen interview with Naomi Oreskes discussing the background to her book Merchants of Doubt. The people who attacked her 2004 paper on the scientific consensus about global warming didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for. Also in the show: excellent infographics, Arctic warming bringing colder winters to the northern hemisphere, European biofuels, John Cook of Skeptical Science discusses the new Twitter bot that auto argues with denier tweets, electric cars again, and steady state economics.

1 thought on “Interview with Naomi Oreskes and John Cook (Sceptical Science)

  1. What a great program.

    Why can’t the ABC do something like this. A serious weekly program dealing with the real facts would be great. Not the so called “balance” stuff that passes for news reporting at the moment.

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