New: NOAA Coral Reef Watch Virtual Stations

Detecting where and when stress from rising sea temperatures is likely to impact coral reefs is an incredibly important piece of information.  Potentially, it can be used to anticipate mass coral bleaching and mortality events, as well as monitor ongoing sub-chronic stress.  NOAA has just launched its new look Coral Reef Watch website, which comes after 2 decades of providing timely information for coral reef managers.  The new crisp look is worth a visit.  Well done Mark Eakin, Tyler Christensen and the NOAA crew.

2 thoughts on “New: NOAA Coral Reef Watch Virtual Stations

  1. Thanks Ove. Just a quick question, I was looking at the different near-real-time data outlooks, and was wondering if you knew from how far back the long-term average is being taken?

    I’m currently looking at calcification rates of corals off the coast of Perth and the SST anomaly and hotspot data looks very bleek for the reefs here. We have noticed considerably warmer waters here this summer.


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