Climate skeptics are an endangered species?

2 thoughts on “Climate skeptics are an endangered species?”

  1. As a lot of us have been saying for a long time – denial isn’t a big crowd, rather a noisy one. I think more people genuinely just don’t know enough and sway by what they hear.

    Would you mind if I repost this, referencing back here of course?


  2. The question isn’t whether climate change is real. No one doubts that climate change, or geophysiological evolution, (as Lovelock describes it) isn’t real.

    Of course it’s real. By definition the climate is always changing! The question assumes that somewhere exists people who believe in an oxymoronic “climate stasis.” I have yet to ever encounter a Climate Creationist.

    The real question is whether or not Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming due to C02 and other “greenhouse” gases is a useful description of modern climate.

    To claim that sceptics “don’t believe in climate change” is an Orwellian manipulation of the language designed to confuse the public about what the debate is really on about.


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