“What part of this email is not abusive and threatening?” Skeptically threatening public debate and democracy.

9 thoughts on ““What part of this email is not abusive and threatening?” Skeptically threatening public debate and democracy.”

  1. We hear from denialists all the time saying “it’s all over for the warmists”, “the hoax is over” , “the game is up”.

    Then there is threats of violence against scientists which clearly shows one of two possibilities.

    1) They know now it’s not over or the game is up. They know they are wrong & don’t like the results. This is the last trick in their bag,violence.


    2) They go around using words like “the game is up” & “It’s over for the warmists” because they intend on using violence to help their cause.

    Deniers will always have this monkey on their back while we pump every increasing CO2 into the atmosphere, while simultaneously deforesting. They can remove funding for scientists that they accuse are being “alarmist”, but that wont stop other countries who are concerned funding their scientists. It is only in Australia, Canada & the USA where the most vitriolic rhetoric is experienced from deniers, due to the presence of the largest miners & fossil fuel giants funding parties, front groups, media & denier scientists. The rest of the world has largely moved on.

    It’s only conservatives of Australia, Canada & the USA that so vehemently oppose climate action. Their conservative allies in other countries are moving towards low carbon economies & have accepted the science. They can see & want to be part of the next boom after the tech boom of the 1990’s. The “green tech boom”. They support all business not just the fossil fuel sector.

    Even with violence & allowing themselves to be conned by large corporations & right wing media entities like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Piers Akerman, Tim Blair, Chris Smith etc to name a few. It wont make the excess CO2 go away or it’s effects.


  2. Let’s face it Janama. As a Bolt devotee, there is nothing short of a killing ( we hope) you don’t condone for your side as fair play on scientists who don’t tow your ideologically line. It is natural for you to downplay & defend the mouth foaming manufactured anger & misinformation that people like Bolt, Jones, Ackerman, Blair & most of the shock jocks spew out daily.

    The Australian has been one of the most premier sources of disinformation on climate change over the past few years. Tim Lambert is up to case 63 of the Australians war on science ; http://scienceblogs.com/deltoid/2011/05/the_australians_war_on_science_63.php


    And you still expect us to look at something the Australian has got to say on the matter?


  3. I didn’t ask you to look at what The Australian has to say as it is only a newspaper and can’t speak a word – I suggested that you read what Rowan Dean, advertising creative director and panellist on The Gruen Transfer, has to say on the subject. Care to comment on his article instead of attacking the messenger?


  4. “I didn’t ask you to look at what The Australian has to say as it is only a newspaper and can’t speak a word – I suggested that you read what Rowan Dean,”

    Scroll up, it’s still there Janama, you didn’t say that at all. Here is what you said:

    Phil M – you should read this article:


    Please bold or highlight the bit where you said Rowan Dean. Please realise that others cannot see your thoughts.

    “Care to comment on his article instead of attacking the messenger?”

    Rowan Dean is a denier & writes for a denier newspaper & what? He has tried to play down attacks on science & scientists & attempted to denigrate anything to do with AGW & the carbon tax, like he has done in several other conservative forums. The story was in alignment with Dean & the Australians ideology so its a win win for both.

    “BTW Phil M – based on what you just posted you would ignore this post article:”

    I’m not sure if you realise this Janama, but the Australian isn’t the only source of information in the world. That story was all over the interwebs & had broke nearly a month before the Australian reprinted it. The Australian didn’t print it to be even balanced. It printed it as a trophy for it’s nutjob readers.


  5. When I was a child, in the late fifties and early sixties,my father retired from a long career in the Navy to south Florida. I have vivid memories of the coral reefs and fish; I remember John Pennecamp and Bahia Honda, Key West, and others. When I returned with my husband of 25 years in 1996 to revisit some of these places, they were destroyed.Returning after 40 years of marriage,I bore witness to the horror of the pitiful remnants being bombarded by the oil spill.My grandsons will not ever see what I saw. If something is done now, maybe their grandchildren might.We have no earthly idea, even now, what the actual function of reef systems is in the world- and they have been damaged almost to the point of death before enough research could be done to fully understand their function. We are woefully ignorant, and I fear not only for the natural world, but for the consequences to everything (and everyone) else- we are all at the mercy of the greedy and the thoughtless.


  6. Making threats to climate belief opponents of any stripe seems to be a widely practiced thing in Australia. This man would have me receive a tattoo because I’m unconvinced by the alarmist message.

    Perhaps they just need to some quiet time away from the topic. I’d suggest they spend that time shearing sheep and weaving wool because it’s trending colder there.


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