REPORT: Koch Fueling Far Right Academic Centers At Universities Across The Country

6 thoughts on “REPORT: Koch Fueling Far Right Academic Centers At Universities Across The Country”

  1. could you please explain the difference between Koch funding universities in the US and WotIf co-founder, Mr Graeme Wood, funding your Global Change Institute Sustainable Building?


    1. Easy, Janama. On one hand, we have Graeme Wood who has generously donated money to the University of Queensland for establishing an innovative building on campus which will have a very low carbon and waste footprint. Graeme does not play a role (or want to play a role) in choosing academics being hired by the University. On the other hand, we have a foundation bankrolled by Libertarian businessman Charles G. Koch giving funds ($1.5 million for positions in Florida State University’s economics department) and expecting to then screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting “political economy and free enterprise.” This is rather than let the experts in economics make those decisions (Koch hardly known for his academic excellence!). On one hand, you have genuine philanthropy aimed at inspiring students. On the other, you have donations being made in return for perverting academic freedom … look at the long list where these corrupt individuals have been operating – a very different situation.


  2. I say again – a wealthy philanthropist in the US sponsoring a group of universities is no different than a small philanthropist in Australia sponsoring your fancy building.


    1. If you use abusive language – what do you expect. Anyway – the point stands … there is a big difference between untied gifts to a university for student education versus an oilman giving money to plant his own people in the university system.


  3. Janama, does Graeme Wood fund political parties like the Koch’s do with the TEA party & speak at their events?

    Or does he own or fund lobbying firms that specifically lobby governments with the specific purpose of providing misinformation, securing continuing subsidies or preventing legislation that would affect his profits like the Koch do?

    There is a difference between donating money for the purpose of benefitting mankind & funding organizations who’s whole purpose is to provide misinformation or lobby the public & governments for the purpose of their donors business wishes.


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