Bubbling sea signals severe coral damage this century

5 thoughts on “Bubbling sea signals severe coral damage this century”

  1. could you please point me to the papers that show that the fresh water lakes of the world are becoming less alkaline due to atmospheric CO2.

    Here’s information regarding 139,000 submarine volcanoes causing the ocean to become less alkaline and where all the increase in CO2 is actually coming from.



  2. Your link assumes temperature change causes change in pH.

    Regards the volcanoes – here’s the full paper – please address the science without attacking the messenger. It’s all fully referenced.


    Currently the CSIRO and BoM quote Gerlach 1991 as their source of volcanic CO2 – may I remind you that it’s now 2011 and many papers, as the ones referenced in the above paper, have changed that view and have shown Gerlach 1991 to be an unreliable source of information regarding volcanic contribution to the current CO2 levels.


    1. No it doesn’t. Read the article a little more closely. The acidification effect comes from the increased partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


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