A new low for the Heartland Foundation

UPDATE – Heartland Institute removes billboards (details from the Washington Post).

In amongst the dishonest activities of the Heartland Foundation is this.  The comparison of people like you and me (people who trust the sceince on climate change) to villains and criminals.  This is a new low for a front group bent on deviously distributing misinformation about climate change.  Perhaps now people like Bob Carter from James Cook University will admit to the dishonest and deceitful nature of the Heartland Institute and will decline further funding.  Not to do this would be to endorse these deceitful anti-science tactics.

Gareth, Hot Topic:  May 4 2012

The Heartland Institute, the Chicago-based right wing think tank notorious for its coordination, organisation and funding of climate denial around the world (including New Zealand), has set new standards for bad taste by launching an advertising campaign for its upcoming climate “conference” that compares those who want action on climate change to terrorists, murderers and tyrants. Continue reading