Are all hockey sticks made in Siberia? Real Climate weighs in

Whilst McIntyre discusses his interpretation of the Yamal dataset, the rest of the denial blogosphere is busy jumping up and down about how the ‘hockey stick is dead‘, AGW has been falsified, and the how leading UK climate scientists should resign (whilst in the real world, cosmic rays are leading to global cooling). No idea what i’m talking about? If you listen what’s being discussed on the blogs, you would be led to believe that Steve Mcintyre has uncovered the hoax of the century, and that datasets that created these graphs…


… have been falsified by blog science. Still confused? See here for a fairly good summary of the story so far.  Real Climate plays “spot the Yamal” in it’s datasets and reaches the seemingly apt conclusion:

Every so often the story pops up again because some columnist or blogger doesn’t want to, or care to, do their homework. Net effect on lay people? Confusion. Net effect on science? Zip.

For an alternative take on everything ‘skeptic’ vs ‘denialist’ debate, go check out one of the best new science blogs on the scene – Denial Depot.

I believe that one day all science will be done on blogs because we bloggers are natural skeptics, disbelieving the mainstream and accepting the possibility of any alternative idea.

We stand unimpressed by “textbooks”, “peer review journals” and so-called “facts”. There are no facts, just dissenting opinion. We are infinitely small compared to nature and can’t grasp anything as certain as a fact.

Nothing is settled and we should question everything. The debate is NOT over Gore! When so-called “experts” in their “peer reviewed journals” say one thing, we dare the impossible and find imaginative ways to believe something else entirely.