Monckton responds to Abraham in the predictable way

Update 19/7/10: The Support John Abraham page now has over 900 signatories, and a Facebook group has also been set up.  John Abraham has the full support of his university – contrast with the tone of response that Christopher Monckton appears to favour and it is becomes very hard to see how someone could take Monckton’s arguments seriously.


John Abraham from St Thomas University recently presented an extraordinarily detailed rebuttal of a sample of Christopher Monckton’s arguments.  After his initial response a few weeks ago, Monckton has not only asked Prof. Abraham to answer 446 questions about his presentation, but has now appealed to readers of Watts Up With That to pressure his university for the removal of the presentation, and to “instigate a disciplinary inquiry into the Professor’s unprofessional conduct”.

A page has been created where you can show your support for John Abraham by commenting in the thread. More details over at Skeptical Science and Deltoid.