A Changing Environment where the Sun Don’t Shine

For those of us who work with coral, NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch is quite useful. It’s a online tool for tracking global sea surface temperature data in real-time. But what about temperatures, say, a quarter mile beneath the surface? There are no user-friendly websites or pretty maps for tracking anomalous temperatures in deeper waters. A recent population increase and geographic spread of the deep-water Humbolt Squid gives reason for new concern about the changing mesopelagic world. Continue reading A Changing Environment where the Sun Don’t Shine

Killer squid attacks divers

Best headline ever: “Attack of the giant squids: Terror as hundreds of 5ft long creatures of the deep invade Californian coastline” (thanks to the Daily Mail). Turns out the backstory behind this one is even more interesting: the squid at hand (the humboldt squid) have envaded the San Diego coastline en masse due to unknown … Continue reading Killer squid attacks divers